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Ocean Flyer CEO, Shah Aslam, shares Seaglider Plans with Year 9-10 students at TechStep.

Watch our video summary of the event:

Ocean Flyer CEO, Shah Aslam, was one of the keynote speakers, along with AWS Senior Cloud Architect, Dylan Mama, at the inaugural TechStep recently held in Kaikohe, Northland (Te Tai Tokerau) for year 9 – year 10 students from around the region. Schools from Kaitaia to Whangarei attended the day. It was held at the newly built Ngāwhā Innovation and Enterprise Park by Tai Tokerau Trades Training.

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Shah discussed the detailed seaglider plans for New Zealand with over a dozen school groups. The questions kept Shah on his toes, which ranged anywhere from what material the seagliders were made from, range of batteries and if the salary he was on was what he expected as CEO of Ocean Flyer!


Shah shared the video of the progress of the seaglider by our visionary manufacturer (OEM) REGENT with the young generation. It was amazing to witness how many of them engaged about how Northland could be better connected, as it would make it easier for their families to be more productive for work and play.


The enthusiasm from the kids was intoxicating and provides even more encouragement to keep going on this journey of bringing a whole new mode of transport to New Zealand. It helps that the wider region sees the benefits of what we are working towards with the signing of MoUs with Northport and Northland Inc earlier in the year.


We believe sparking the curiosity of the next generation is part of our mission along with all the other companies who made the significant effort to attend TechStep. We will watch with excitement as these kids pursue pathways to join the Ocean Flyer wider family and team over the coming years as not only passengers but staff as well. The future job outlook is open for crew, maintenance, land based jobs and more.




Ocean Flyer signed a historic $700m agreement in April 2022 with REGENT to bring 25 seagliders to New Zealand. Ocean Flyer is the first seaglider-only company setup in the world to bring sustainable, fully electric, fast, affordable and comfortable new mode for mass public transport.


Ocean Flyer is committed to connecting communities across the motu, tackling climate change, and building a more resilient and affordable transport network for everyone.


For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.


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Ngawha Innovation & Enterprise Park is a centre for innovative business & processes, focusing on kaitiaki, employment opportunities, circular economies and regional capability development.


They believe in mahi tahi, working together and in partnership with mana whenua, they aspire to create a more prosperous community.

The four pou that the park is aspiring to are 

  • High Value Manufacturing & Production 

  • Innovation and R&D

  • Workforce Development & Support

  • Circular Economy


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