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Due to unprecedented inquiries for buying shares, you can now register your interest below to discuss further.

This offer is only open to wholesale investors. Please tick below the box(es) that apply. If none of the boxes apply to you, then you are deemed to be classified as a retail investor and will not be able to participate in this offer.


This offer is an equity offer for Ocean Flyer. Please note that Ocean Flyer reserves the right to ask for proof as a wholesale investor. Please note that this is not an acceptance of an offer, this is non-binding on both parties, and this is a registration of interest to participate in the right to acquire an equity stake in Ocean Flyer.

Please tick here to certify you understand the definition of “wholesale investor” and that you meet the criteria set out below for a wholesale investor

Wholesale Investor Eligibility:

The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA) and its regulations form the base of New Zealand's primary framework for the regulation of offers of financial products and the provision of financial advice.  

Financial products comprise equity securities (such as shares), debt securities (such as deposits), derivatives (such as foreign exchange contracts) and managed investment products (or MIPs) (such as an interest in a KiwiSaver fund).

Wholesale investors are defined in the FMCA.  They are persons who meet one or more prescribed criteria in clause three of schedule one of the FMCA.  Wholesale investors are persons/entities who:

Under clause 3(2):
Under clause 3(3):

Thanks for registering your interest.

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