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Ocean Flyer and MetService ink pivotal MoU for seaglider operations

A key relationship towards having Ocean Flyer Seagliders operating in Aotearoa Ocean Flyer and MetService ink pivotal MoU for seaglider operations

John Hamilton (our Operations Director), Stephen Hunt (MetService CEO), Shah Aslam (our CEO) and Ray Thorpe (MetService General Manager Aviation Business NZ).

Ocean Flyer has hit an essential milestone with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with MetService New Zealand to provide essential ocean and weather data for its revolutionary seagliders. MetService will be a significant part of the Ocean Flyer family over the coming years, as we continue our journey towards bringing the fully electric seagliders to Aotearoa to better connect Kiwis across the country.

John Hamilton (our Operations Director), Ray Thorpe (MetService General Manager Aviation Business NZ), Stephen Hunt (MetService CEO) and Shah Aslam (our CEO).

MetService is a provider of weather intelligence, automated prediction technology and environmental data to media, infrastructure, utility, energy, retail and aviation businesses. The MoU will see Ocean Flyer use MetService and MetOcean’s ocean data (swell, wave size and direction) and wind data (speed and direction) to help operate the fleet of wing-in-ground effect vehicles it is acquiring to provide commercial passenger and parcel-freight services connecting regional centers in Aotearoa. The Ocean Flyer vehicles are to be electric powered and will operate from existing port facilities. The vehicle’s flight commences with its hull in the water. As speed increases the hull lifts clear of the water and accelerates further to attain wing borne flight in close proximity to the sea surface at an altitude of about 10 meters.

Ocean Flyer chief executive Shah Aslam said the MoU was an important step in the company’s plans to revolutionise transport in Aotearoa. The company will use MetService’s technical data and knowledge to assist in the development and optimisation of its operations. MetService’s real time and historic data and expertise is important to unlocking a seamless Ocean Flyer seaglider operation in Aotearoa, Aslam said. “This is another pivotal point in our journey and brings us another step closer to making sure the least amount of disruptions happen during daily operations once the seagliders are in operation around Aotearoa. “We will continue to work with the Government, councils, stakeholders, and investors to deliver a transport option that is fully-electric, sustainable, fast, comfortable and affordable. We are committed to delivering sustainable regional connectivity and productivity for all Kiwis across the motu.”

Stephen Hunt, MetService chief executive says, “We’re pleased to bring our expertise in aviation and maritime environmental conditions, and contribute to the success of Ocean Flyer. We will support safe operations by supplying data on the sea and wind conditions of New Zealand’s coastlines and harbours. When Ocean Flyer becomes fully operational we will provide Ocean Flyer with regular atmospheric and marine forecasts.” Ocean Flyer has committed to leading the charge to providing a clean solution to helping solve the climate crisis. Aslam added that he believed working with Kiwi organisations would be instrumental in the success of the Ocean Flyer seagliders and that a collective approach was required to achieve net zero by 2050. The vision shown by both MetService and us at Ocean Flyer shows what can be achieved when working together to providing solutions for the future. “We have to take bold steps and actions to face the challenge of securing our planet for future generations,” Aslam said. "The Government's ambition for New Zealand to be carbon neutral by 2050 is going to be hard to achieve. We are going to leave no stone unturned to turn the Ocean Flyer vision into a reality.”

About MetService

MetService, is a State-Owned Enterprise and New Zealand's national weather authority and designated representative to the World Meteorological Organization. MetService is New Zealand’s only authorised provider of Severe Weather information. For more information visit


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