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Ocean Flyer Seaglider is Flying

Ocean Flyer Seaglider Flying Video.jpg

Ocean Flyer is incredibly excited to share that the all-electric seaglider prototype has successfully completed its maiden flight. Aotearoa is yet another step closer to enjoying zero-emission journeys that connect our regions to our cities thanks to a new mode of transport. It's a game changer for emissions reduction.  


Earlier this year, Ocean Flyer CEO Shah Aslam (right) signed a $700 million agreement with REGENT CEO Billy Thalheimer (left) to bring 25 all-electric seagliders to New Zealand from 2025.

US aerospace manufacturer REGENT has successfully flown its prototype seaglider, hitting a key development milestone right on time. The flight demonstrates the viability of fully electric ‘wing-in-ground’ effect craft and is a key step in the development of seagliders. Ocean Flyer welcomes this exciting news. It demonstrates that the Kiwi company made the right decision to go with REGENT after vetting multiple aviation options.


"The Government's ambition for New Zealand to be carbon neutral by 2050 is going to be hard to achieve," says Ocean Flyer CEO Shah Aslam

"We need bold solutions. Electric cars and cycleways alone are not the solution to solving the Climate Crisis. Seagliders are perfect for our island nation and will help make our transition to carbon neutrality a reality."


Ocean Flyer Operations Director John Hamilton (left), REGENT CEO and co-founder (mid-left) Billy Thalheimer, REGENT CTO and co-founder Mike Klinker (mid-right) and Ocean Flyer CEO Shah Aslam (right).

"Seagliders are the future of inter-regional transport in Aotearoa New Zealand."


"Today, we use the knowledge of history to shape the future. It's an exciting journey to be on and we are thrilled that REGENT has hit this pivotal milestone, bringing us another step closer to enjoying zero-emission journeys.


We will continue to work with the Government, councils, stakeholders, and investors to deliver a transport option that is fully-electric, sustainable, fast, comfortable and affordable. We are committed to delivering sustainable regional connectivity and productivity for all Kiwis across the motu," says Shah Aslam.

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